Matteo Buzzanca aka TEODORF is an eclectic italian producer and composer who collaborated with many important italian artists.

In 2015 he releases his first english album and involves the legendary producer Ken Thomas (Sigur Rós, Moby, Dave Gahan, M83, Yann Tiersen) who mixes all the tracks with his unique stile.

Eight songs with the vocal featurings of Polly Paulusma (“We Belong”), Kenneth Bailey (“What You Think Is What You Are”) and Stefan Di Maria (“Richard Wright“) and the musical guests of Dj Aladyn and Vincenzo Vasi (Vinicio Capossela, Mike Patton).

The album crosses genres, mixing shoe-gaze, new wave, classical and electronic with originality and visionary spirit. The lyrics are inspired by philosophical and existential thoughts and build, along with the music, suggestions with a strong cinematic flavor.

On stage TEODORF lineup features the scottish singer Emma Morton and the talented guitarist Domenico Calabrò.

Teodorf – Why [Cramps Music]



12/05/06 Rockit [the most important italian music webzine]

“… A great record that is tinged with many different shades that look from farther away, taking all the same shape, amalgamated and convincing. A well-designed and well-engineered work that does not disappoint, since the first listening…”

Teodorf Album Artwork
The artwork of Teodorf CD Album wins the bronze medal at the European Design Awards 2016 in Vienna (Austria)